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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Gaudeamus Hodie

Gaudeamus Hodie
Let’s be glad today!

Our school is full of sunny, glad and happy people. On Wednesday the 18th of April some of them shared their happiness and joy to older people by singing. The students of one of the extra music courses went to the local old people's home to spend their lesson there. Their energetic teacher Johanna had planned the program, which included one hour singing to and with the old people. She had also made booklets of the notes, so everyone could sing along. 

They started their show with a song in Latin! It told us what the show was all about: Let’s be glad today!  An hour included a lot. Many well-known, evergreen songs, singing together, tears, laugh and of course, happiness. We made even the sun come out! Some of the old ones were deeply touched, but still they sang with us. The songs were traditional Finnish songs, so all of the audience knew them. The songs may also have reminded them of something from their past.

It was very nice to see how much light and joy we can bring to this world just by singing. The old people were very happy to see us there and wanted to talk with us. It shows how we should not forget anyone, not even those who may forget us in five minutes. This visit gave at least me happiness for the rest of the day and made me open my eyes for the power of music. 

Written by Eeva Linnainmaa, 1B

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