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Thursday, 3 May 2012

The first of May

The first day of May is a very traditional and famous festival in Finland. It was invented in the Middle Ages, and it’s a national festival for workers. Nowadays it’s also the day of Finnish work. 

The first of May has long traditions also in our school. It’s the day of funny clothes and water war! (Even though we celebrated it a bit too early since the actual 1st of May is a day off.) As many years before, many people had dressed funnily. We had Angry birds, cowboys, animals, almost anything walking in the school’s hall ways. We had donuts after lunch, and that gave us the energy we needed for the war.

                                      Angry birds, the first prize winners in the costume competition.

                                                      Some teachers wore unusual clothing, too.

The war itself was the funniest water war I had ever played. Of course some of the students didn’t take part, but it didn’t matter that much. First those who had the best outfits got their prizes. It really helped them in the war, they got water guns. Then the war began. We split out into teams, 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B were fighting against each other. Every team had a newspaper sheet, and the opposite team had to break it. The first sheet which was broken was that of 2A. They started to help their friends 2B. The next one out was 1B, which then went to help 1A, of course. The game ended to the victory of 2B, but 1A wasn’t much worse.  The main point in the war was to have fun and get wet. That we sure did!

Written by Eeva Linnainmaa 1B

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