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Friday, 2 November 2012

Sports day boosted with Halloween

Today we had a sports day.  Every grade was dressed in their own color: the first grade in green, the second in red and the seniors in blue. 

                                                    The first year winning team.

                                                             The third year team.

We started with a game called elephant ball, which is like playing soccer but instead of a football there is a huge gymnastic training ball on the pitch. The grades contended against each other and since the winner of the whole battle was the seniors, they had another match against our high school teachers, which the seniors naturally won.

Next we had a Halloween theme lunch; the ghosts’ fishsoup and the licorice foam of the dark night for dessert. Thanks to the cooks for the lovely and spooky lunch!

After the lunch break our day continued with floorball matches. The freshmen turned out to have the toughest team so they became the champions in floorball. 

Because it was also Halloween, we decided to combine these two events. Most students (and even teachers) were wearing different kinds of Halloween costumes; we had witches, vampires, wizards, zombies, ghosts, a troll and even two smurfs! 

Overall today was a great, fun Friday in FES!

Written by Maiju Aalto 3A

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