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Friday, 5 April 2013

Feelings after the matriculation exams

It's been already almost two weeks since the matriculation examinations were finally over, but somehow I at least don't feel so relaxed yet. Maybe it's the admission exams ahead and the summerjob that give me a headache... However, I feel relieved - and unfortunately disappointed,too. I'm relieved, because finally I have some time for myself. I'm also disappointed, because it feels I didn't do even close as well as I could have done. Luckily mother language went really well, and so it compensates for the other subjects that didn't go so well.

Besides my own feelings, I also wanted to know how two of my friends felt after the matriculation examinations.
Veera, 3a
- Well, I did reach my goals, but I still feel stressed. But mostly I just feel relieved, and I'm most satisfied  with English. And I'm so glad I can finally watch tv-series without feeling guilty about not doing something mandatory!

Julia, 3b
- It disappointed me the most that I've worked so hard through my entire high school time, but now when I should've been most efficient I just felt so exhausted, and so it didn't go as well as I'd hoped in every way. I should've slowed down earlier and saved resources mostly for the matriculation examinations. In university this baccalaureate affects quite much besides the entrance examination, and I had wrong kind of strategy for that and that's a shame - and I've been heading for university after all. Because of the matriculations my motivation is lower now , and if it had gone at least a little better I would've had more self-confidence for the entrance exams.
As we can read, the feeling of relief isn't always the only one after the matriculations, expecially when the entrance exams are still ahead. Luckily summer is almost here, and so probably the sun will help us all to survive.

Even though it's been tough few months, we're still able to find joy, like in this cruise right after our school leaving party on Valentine's day.

Written by Janette 3B

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