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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Colorful Kaunas
We have an extra course in our school, where we students get some more information about traveling and also make a trip to some city abroad. This year the trip took place at the beginning of May, and headed to Kaunas, Lithuania. A group of 16 students and two adults flew on Sunday 5th of May with Ryanair to Kaunas.
Kaunas is the second –largest city in Lithuania. It was the capital of Lithuania until the year 1939. Kaunas is also called “the city of students”, because over 25 000 people study in the universities of Kaunas.
During our three day stay we saw and experienced a lot! We saw many museums, like an old concentration camp and also a few churches. We had changes to see the both parts of Lithuania: the downtown,the  part of the richest people and the area right around the city,the part of the normal people. We Finns had a lot of fun walking in the streets, shopping and just spending time with each other. Our days were full of program, which was good, but we also had some free time in the evenings. Food was good, our overseers were great and prices were lower than in Finland. The trip was awesome, I can recommend it to everybody! Thanks to everyone who was with us and made it possible for us to have the chance to travel.
Written by Eeva 2B
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