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Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Christmassy Day

It is finally Christmas holiday. High school students celebrated this holiday and Christmas itself on Friday 20th of December. The student body had again arranged some things for students to do. We had an opportunity to dress in some costumes, of course in that kind of costumes which are related to Christmas. Then we had a bingo and the prizes were a Christmas ham, which was the first prize, two movie tickets and some chocolate Santa Clauses. All the high school students were playing bingo excitedly and hoping to win. But we can´t all win, but these students got some luck with them or was it even skill. Peetu Levänen won the ham, Annika Kaasalainen the movie tickets and Eetu Ihalainen won the big chocolate Santa Claus. Oh, and by the way the little chocolate Santa Claus was given to our teacher Asko Mielonen. So I assume that the winners were really happy of their prizes and we can move to the other prizes.

I mean the best costume prizes. There weren’t so much people who wore a costume so the competition was not tough, but still someone did and the prizes were given to two persons. The prizes were movie tickets again and the winners of this competition were Johanna Mäntylä and Eemil Linna, who were both wearing Santa Claus costumes. After the competition it was time for a movie.

We were in our school’s auditorium, so I don´t mean watching a movie from a small television. No, we have this big screen in our auditorium so it was like watching a movie in a real movie theater.
The movie was also a little bit Christmassy because it was Tim Burton´s movie Nightmare before Christmas. It was an animation, but I don´t think it mattered, because it was still a good movie and Tim Burton´s animated movies aren´t always that kind of kids´ movies, so it is a good movie for adults, too. I don´t think that all the students liked the movie, because you either like Tim Burton´s movies or you don´t, that’s my opinion. I certainly think that the movie split opinions, but the movie was still a great end for this day. The Christmassy day was a great idea and finished this year’s schoolwork perfectly and gave a nice start for this holiday. Now the high school students can finally forget work and school stuff and just relax and recharge their batteries. So, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year for all !

Written by Miranda 1B    

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