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Thursday, 20 February 2014

A day for real-life princes and princesses

The second graders of the F. E. Sillanpää senior high school danced their prom last Friday, at Valentine’s Day. The prom for second graders is an old habit in Finland, and it usually takes place in February when the third graders have ended their school journey. That’s why the prom is called “Wanhojen tanssit”, in English “Prom for the old ones”.  “Wanhojen tanssit” is generally known for girls’ glamorous outfits, boys’ handsome looks and well-practiced dances.

The second graders’ day started at ten o’clock am, but of course most of the girls had woken up very early in the morning. Hairdos, make-ups and dresses had to be perfect. At the beginning of the day the second graders arrived at the school gym, which was beautifully decorated by the first graders. They toasted for the long-expected party, and then it was time to dance. The last graders of the junior high school and the first graders of the senior high school were there to watch the dances. The Old ones danced four dances, from which “Cicapo” with the junior high school students. There was also a surprise number, a dance that the Old ones had made themselves. Everything went very well, and after the dances in the high school the Old ones traveled to Kyröskoski primary school to perform some dances in there, too. They also danced there with the last grade pupils of the primary school. After that the job was done, and the Old ones had a little break before the Evening party at the high school. Some of the Old ones still had to head for other primary schools or nursing homes to share the joy of dancing to the students and the old persons.

The Evening party began at 6 o’clock pm at the high school. The Old ones took relatives and families with them to watch the dances, and there were a lot of viewers. First the Old ones and the relatives enjoyed good refreshments and relaxing music, which was played by the first grade music group students Kalle Koivisto and Olli Luomajärvi. At 6.30 it was time to move on to the gym to watch dance performances. First the speakers Helena Saarinen and Teemu Märri introduced the dance pairs for the audience, and then it was time to dance. The Old ones performed 11 dances and their own dance number. In the evening the family members and relatives also had a chance to dance the “Cicapo” with the Old ones. After these practiced dances it was time for photographing and free dancing while the first grade music group members played beautiful music.

When all dancing had ended, the Old ones headed for a restaurant to celebrate the memorable night. After good eating they left to continue the successful evening together. All in all,  “Wanhojen tanssit” was a day to remember.

Written by Sanni 1B 
Photos by Mari 3B and Annamari 2B

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