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Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Pirates of the FES

This year´s (2015) school leaving party was on the 12th of February. The third graders in our senior high school left the “regular school days” behind themselves and celebrated with this day the last chance to have some fun before they have to start studying for the  matriculation examinations. 

This year´s topic was the Pirates of the Caribbean and the third graders had really made a big effort for their show and costumes. 

Of course, traditionally, the senior high school was totally messed up. There were a lot of newspaper chaff, tape and toilet paper all over the floor and the walls. Then, because the day gives the students a chance to tease the teachers, there were also some sentences written on the walls (funny ones of course) that the teachers had said and that the students remembered from their lessons. 

The show was in our school hall as usual and all our the students were there. The decorations were suitable for the topic and very nicely done. The third graders made a wonderful entry with a dance and the Pirates of the Caribbean film soundtrack.

After the dance the teasing of the teachers started. The third graders had made plenty of tasks, quizzes and competitions for the teachers with a little twist of course. For example our Finnish teacher had to explain for the other teacher which third grader she saw in the picture. (There were some pictures where some of the third graders were posing) Of course she had to use paraphrases and not to say the third grader’s name and the other teacher tried to guess.

Then there were different kinds of tricks that some teachers had to do. For example Taina Salonen, our language teacher had to fence with Jukka Saastamoinen, our mathematics and physics teacher. It was of course forbidden to use hands. Then there was some putting on a jacket as many times as you can in a short time and drinking three bottles of soda water for Asko Mielonen, our history and philosophy teacher. Jukka Saastamoinen also had to guess some sentences and combine the right teacher and sentence.

Then there was also a game for our English teacher and for our biology teacher. They had to throw the ball into a bucket. The ball had to pounce from the floor. The teachers were quite good in this game, so in the end they were also the one who made it to Tortuga (the better place). 

The day also included some candy throwing, watching the third graders' baby pictures, watching the abi-video and finally our third graders left our school behind themselves and drove away by lorry.
The day was successful and I think all had fun, especially the third graders. I also wish the third graders  luck for the final tests! 

The text and photos by Miranda 2B

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