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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A day for the princes and princesses

The second graders danced their prom on the 13th of February. A prom for the second graders is an old tradition and it is usually organised in February after the third period when the  third graders have ended their school year and the second graders are the oldest at school. The prom is called “Wanhojen tanssit” in English “Prom for the old ones”.

   The second graders' day started at 10 o’clock but the girls had woken up really early to do their hair and makeup. Everything was beautiful. The girls looked like princesses and the boys were so handsome in their suits and tuxedoes. You could feel the excitement in the school before the prom began.

   At 10 o’clock the  9th graders from the junior high and the 1st graders from the senior high were in the gym hall which the 1st graders had decorated  the day before. The prom was ready to begin. Everything was beautiful. The 2nd graders' dances were awesome and they danced really well, the dresses and the decoration were so amazing that it didn’t feel like it was our gym hall.

   After the 2nd graders had danced in our school they went to the primary school in Kyröskoski and danced the same dances there. There was also a party in the evening.

Written by Johanna 1B

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