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Sunday, 21 February 2016

The second year students' ball

As the third year students had left the school the day before, on 19th of February it was time for the second year students to celebrate being the oldest students of FES.   The day started at 10 am when the principal gave a speech, after which we raised a toast in the honor of the "old".

The old of 2016

Then it was time for the first performance of the day.  The first year students, the 9th graders of the junior high school and the teachers could admire a couple of the dances they had learned.

The ninth graders also got a chance to dance:

After the performance at school, the old gave a public performance at Syke, the sports hall in Kyröskoski.  The local primary school pupils had been invited to watch the show, and the sixth graders were also invited to join one dance called Cicapo.

Time to cool off a bit.

The day culminated in the evening ball at school where all the family members could admire the fine dances of their great sons, daughters, sisters and brothers.

Text:  Merja
Pictures: Zahraa and Heidi

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