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Sunday, 19 February 2012

The farewell party of the third year students

Out with the old, in with the new
Thursday 16th of February was the day of the third year students. It was the last day of school for them before the studying break for the matriculation exams and leaving our high school behind. They had made a lot of work before the day. They had planned and practiced, laughed and filmed a lot and it was worth it.

Right in the morning all of the other students went to the gym. Soon the third year students arrived. They had dressed up like in the army, and were marching and singing, just like they do in the army. The gym had been decorated with a camp, a “Happy Place” and “The Bad Place”. Their show’s main point was, as always, to make fun of the teachers, and make the students look like a winner. So they did. 

The teachers had to play a short play, dance and use their own skills to beat the students. But, as you can guess, they didn’t succeed. The students were the winners and all of our teachers had to go to The Bad Place.

Of course, always when something ends, you have to even try to make people cry. So the third year students sang to us about their high school time. If somebody didn’t cry after the song, at least the video made them cry. On the video were baby pictures of the students. They were cute, as babies always are, and you could hear “awwwwww” -sounds from the audience. 

The third year students remembered the teachers, but they didn’t forget us, the first year students, either. They had messed up the hallway and we had to clean it up. Luckily it was only ripped newspapers and toilet paper. 

We saw an interesting and funny video, of course, made by the third year students. They had played and filmed a play, where they were playing the teachers. It made all of us laugh, because they were just like the teachers. They had also filmed ordinary school days and each-others in the school.  

At 12.00 started the thing everybody had been waiting for. A decorated truck came to the yard and the loading began. The third year students came out one by one and jumped on the truck. They were also throwing candy at us “little ones”. When everybody was on the truck, they left, still throwing candy. They went to other schools like elementary and vocational school to throw candy and show their outfits.
The old ones are gone, and now the second year students are taking their place and power. We first year students are waiting for the fall and new students to come so we won’t be the youngest anymore.

Written by Eeva Linnainmaa 1B

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