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Sunday, 19 February 2012

The old dances, the best day ever !

The best thing at senior high school takes place in the second grade. In February the third year students leave school and the second year students become the kings of the school. This is so great that it has to be celebrated by dressing at least like the royal!
On February 17th all the girls woke up between five and seven, the guys a little later. All the girls were like princesses! The dresses were of all colours and everybody had their hair done beautifully. Guys were handsome in their black suits and it kind of felt as if dressing in fancy clothes made them behave like gentlemen! 

                                 The celebration started with drinking a toast to the new oldest students.

First in the morning we danced to the younger senior high school students and the junior high school. The first year students had decorated the gym so it was easy to get in a good mood. 

Then we went to perform to Kyröskoski primary school where we also danced the cicapo-dance as an extra performance with the sixth grade pupils. 

Some of us were also dancing in the nursing home, health center and kindergartens. 

In the evening, there was the proper prom where our parents and relatives had been invited to. We, the old ones, were dancing eight different dances to the audience (at least those danced who didn’t have a foot in a plaster).  At the end we also danced with our parents and some brave ones asked their teachers to dance, too. 

A lot of time was reserved for photographing and of course there were dozens of people who wanted to capture this memorable day.   

After the official party at school we headed for a restaurant and enjoyed the good food. Then we went to have fun with each other to the place we had booked for us. And what happened there - only the people who were there know … 

None of us will ever forget that day. This is our time. We are the young ones now. And also the old ones but however… So, thanks to all who made this day possible! And thanks to all the second year students, you made this day outstanding!

Written by Maiju Aalto, 2A

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