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Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas

A day among elves

On the very last school day of this autumn, 20th December, we had a theme day in our high school. Since Christmas was already close, we high school students dressed as christmassy characters. Naturally we had lots and lots of elves and of course Santa Claus himself! There were also Christmas trees, reindeer and even a cute pink pig. The ambiance was warm and cheery – we listened to Christmas carols during the classes which we had only in the morning.

The rest of the day ticked by playing the ham bingo, in which the winner got a big ham for the Christmas table, and watching a Christmassy movie at our auditorium.  It seemed to be surprisingly hard for some people to write down numbers from one to forty-nine, it really took a while! Anyway, the game has been favoured for many years now. The specialty of this year was that the ham was domestic and the quality had been invested in.

The students and the teachers were all in the Christmas mood and everybody were at least wearing a brownie’s cap. It was a very pleasant day!

Happy New Year to everyone!
Maiju 3A

                                         The winners of the best costume competition.

Class 2B had a special reason to feel good as they got a big packet full of candy from the US where their former class mates Elli and Laura are spending their exchange year.  They also Skyped one more former class mate, Annamari,  in Australia.  Finally Enrique, our exchange student from Mexico, showed them how Christmas is celebrated in his home country, so it was a very international lesson!

Happy holidays to everyone!  And very special greetings to Elli, Laura and Annamari to the other sides of the world!   

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