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Sunday, 20 January 2013

"My fatherland" -project

On December 11th 2012 our group of drama studies (course 3) and the music group from the eight grade performed at the war invalids´ home Honkala in Hämeenkyrö. Our show consisted of music and some short scenes where we acted people at different ages who told their thoughts about Finland, and what it means to them. The acting part was based on Raili Malmberg's poem "Confession of love to the fatherland" ("rakkaudentunnustus isänmaalle"),and so we called our show "My fatherland". The music was performed acoustically, and all in all it was a very beautiful and touching moment. There was also a reporter from our local newspaper to make an article about our visit, and two of our teachers. Before Honkala we visited the local old people's home Kurjenmäki, and we also performed at our schools´ Independence day ceremonies on the 5th and 6th of December. We made this show to honour our 95-year-old, independent Finland, and it was this year's project of our drama study group. 
       Many elder people had some memories about the history of Finland during our performance,    and so it seemed to be quite a touching moment for them.
 Music made our story complete, and it sounded very beautiful both acoustically and with more proper musical instruments. 
Written by Janette 3B 

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