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Thursday, 31 January 2013

The third year students' last school day

Last Friday was just like every Friday in FES -except for one thing... it was the last normal school day for us,for the third year students! In theory this means we "only" have some exams or other extra lessons, and preliminary exams this and next week, and then of course the school leaving party and the matriculation examinations, and finally the graduation ceremony. However, we don't have schedules anymore -except maybe at home, when we have to plan our reading.

Since it was the "last" day of school for us, we decided it was worth being a princess or a prince (or a king /a gueen), and you could choose which one you were. Our theme was based on our school leaving party theme, which is called "Abimation" (vs. "animation") this year. I think this made our day at least a little more easy-going than it normally is. When it comes to people´s feelings, it seemed many were relieved when they could say goodbye to their homework (even though it's far from over, since we have to study hard at home), or at least to their long days at classrooms. However, this also means we won't see each other that often anymore, and so it also felt quite melancholic. Luckily we have more fun coming ahead, since on 14th February we'll have our school leaving party, and the very next day most of us are going to a cruise with a ship full of other third year students from elsewhere Finland.

Now I can only wish us all the best of luck, and thank all of our teachers already for their good job! Hopefully all this hard working will turn out rewarding later this spring.


           Most of the girls were princesses, and some of us even had dresses on.


You could also find princes, or kings, but unfortunately without the white horse... 

Written by Janette 3B

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