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Monday, 9 September 2013

The welcoming party for the first graders = Nahkiaiset

Last Friday our senior high school´s first graders had their welcoming party, nahkiaiset. It was an event where the girls had to dress like boys and the boys had to dress like girls. I was one of those who had to dress like boys. The topic was Pokemon. 

We had a big list of things that we had to bring with us. For example we had to find a stone which weighed 3,01 kg. There were also some string (105,28cm), a chocolate bar (for the second graders, of course), a vegetable, a Pokemon ball, a Pokemon, a mug and a swimming ring in the list. And all that we had to carry in a cardboard box. It was not easy! 

When we came to school there were some instructions we had to follow. For example we had to crawl the stairs and follow the tapes on the floor. Every time we saw a second grader we had to worship him or her. 

In the morning we went to the gym, where we gave the chocolate bar and the vegetable to the second graders and then we got name badges. We had to practice a very embarrassing dance and after that we had normal school lessons. At the lunch we had to eat on the floor. 

It was a pretty hard day for the  first graders, but it was also one of the funniest days I have had in high school. The final ordeal was in the gym. We had to perform the dance which we had practiced and sing a song to the second graders. 

There were also more different kinds of tasks. For example we had to drink something very disgusting, a drink that the second graders had made for us “with love”. We also had to do tricks pairwise. It doesn’t sound difficult now, but try to think of it like this: our feet were bound and we were wearing our swimming rings. It made the tricks a little bit more difficult. 

There was also a competition of the ugliest "nahka" (first grader) award. After that embarrassing day I hope we are now officially senior high school students.  Right?  

Written by Miranda 1B

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