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Monday, 7 October 2013

The first exam week finally over

The first exam week ended on last Wednesday, 2nd October. The senior high school students had their last exam on that day. This exam week was the first for senior high school´s first graders. Did everything go well? In my class people were happy if they passed the exams and I think all passed them. Of course it was a happy surprise if you got a better grade than you could even imagine. If your test did not go so well, you can always raise your exam grade. So don´t worry!

The teachers returned the exams quite fast, which was a good thing. I think students wouldn´t be able to wait any longer. Everyone wanted to know how the exam went. Nervous students waited behind teachers' doors and came out holding their own exams 
in their hands. They looked happy or sad. 

 I think this exam week in high schools is a really good thing for students and also for teachers. All the exams come in the same week and you don´t have to do your homework in that week. So all you have to do is to focus on the exams and read. You have a lesson before the exam where you will revise all the learned things and maybe some teachers give some advice for the exam. Those lessons are very important and they prepare you for the exam. 

I think the important thing you must remember is that it isn't enough if you just read in last night before the exam. You have to prepare for the exam during the entire course. Do homework after lessons and listen in the lessons. If you do all that you don´t have to read so much. Plan your studying. It helps too. Then you have time to read for every exam.

Or what do I know? This was my first exam week and I have been in high school less than half a year. So I am not the best person to give advice. All students do things in their own way. So do it in your own way and try your best. If this exam week didn´t go so well, you can show your skills in the next one. Good luck for studying !

Written by Miranda 1B

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