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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat! 
It is the time of the year when it doesn`t matter if you look like a zombie in the morning or your make up is a little bit messed up. It is also the time of the year when pumpkin lanters are shining in the dark and when you can say Trick or Treat. 

Yes, it´s Halloween. Halloween has also come to our school here in Hämeenkyrö. Senior high school students celebrated Halloween wearing Halloween costumes and playing basketball and kinball on Friday 1st of November, 2013.

We had Halloween and a sports day at the same time. The games, as I said before, were basketball and kinball. Our senior high school students had dressed in really amazing and scary costumes. It was so nice to see that so many wore some costume. Even some teachers were wearing costumes, which was really amazing, too. So thumbs up to all who had some costume. Those who weren´t wearing any can always invest in the next time we have this kind of day. 

We played the games in our gym hall, where we also had some Halloween music. Every grade had  a colour code:  the first graders were wearing green, the second graders red and the third graders blue. And I have to say the second graders looked really bloody. 

There was also some juice for us. The juices were the same colour as our colour codes. So the first graders had green juice, the second graders red juice and the third graders blue juice. That was a very funny detail.

Kinball was a funny game although it was a new game to me. It´s really hard to explain but I can try. There was this huge ball (it was really light) that we had to hit in the air and then somebody screamed some grade’s name or colour and the grade whose name was called had to catch the ball. The ball could not touch the floor, the ceiling or the walls. It sounds a little bit silly, like I said it´s really hard to explain. The second graders won that game. 

Then we moved to the next game, which was basketball. Well, I suppose everyone knows this game.  The second graders were really good at this game, too, but I think that the third graders and first graders tried their best and gave the hardest resistance they could.

The last game was the teachers’ and the third graders’ game. So the teachers were playing against the third graders. I had no idea what game they were going to play. There were six carpets on the floor. Three carpets opposite to the other three carpets. One person on each carpet. Behind the carpets were standing two persons. Then there was one blue ball. Now comes the funny part. Those persons who were sitting on the ground had to wear eye patches, so they didn´t see anything, they were like blind. The two persons behind them tried to give advice to the ”blind persons”. Now the blind persons rolled the ball to the opposite side and then the persons who saw the ball gave advice to the ”blind persons” who tried to protect their own side. If the ball passed your own side the other team got a point. It looked really funny and I think that those who were playing the game had fun, too. 

So this was F.E.Sillanpää Senior High School`s Halloween. I hope you all have a happy Halloween and that we are all coming to school next Monday not looking so zombie as we looked on this Friday. 

Written by Miranda 1B

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