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Sunday, 7 September 2014

This year´s welcoming party for the first graders

On Friday 5th of September we had our usual welcoming party for the first graders (=Nahkiaiset) in our Upper secondary school. We, the second graders, had the honor to organize a lovely day for our first graders.  So we look back to the day when we were still first graders and had this same welcoming party. We wanted this year´s first graders to experience the same that we did a year ago. So this is what we came up with. 

The topic was a hula girl and a Finnish tourist. And because the point was to make everyone laugh, the boys were hula girls and the girls were Finnish tourists. Hula girls wore a bikini top, a “hulaskirt” and long hair. Finnish tourists had a big belly, a Hawaii shirt, socks and sandals, a moustache and big eyebrows. I must say that the first graders had invested in their costumes and they looked very funny.
Of course, the second graders had organized something fun for the first graders, like tapes on the floor, which they had to follow, some crawling, rolling and dancing and there were also places which were forbidden for the first graders, like our canteen´s tables and some school areas. 

The day started in our school gym, where all the first graders got their own name badges and where they brought us chocolate and vegetables. Then the first graders had to learn the dance that second graders had made for them. They would later perform it.

After that the first graders headed to their lessons. On their way to their lessons, they had to follow the tapes on the floor and, at the same time worship us, the second graders. If they didn´t please us, we could give some minuses or tell them to do something, like hug a teacher.

The day culminated to a party in the gym. The first graders performed the dance and received applauses. The first graders had the honor to taste the drink  which second graders had made for them. It included inter alia the vegetables that the first graders had brought.
Then the first graders did some tricks pairwise and so that everything would be as hard as can be, their hands and feet were bound.  

The second graders had to award  “the ugliest nahka” , so there was a dance competition. The decision was hard, but we ended up awarding Siiri Asula and Johannes Kalliokoski as the ugliest nahka. 

I´m deeply sorry first graders for your suffering on that day, but we, FES high school students, have all experienced that too. Now when you have survived our welcoming day, you can proudly call yourselves  true FES high school students. And I really hope that you also had some fun on that day.
So welcome to our senior high school, this year´s first graders!

Written by Miranda 2B 

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