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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Our German guests

Last week 6th October to 10th October some German students visited our high school. They came from Germany from Torgau, where we have our friendship school. The German students stayed that week in host families. Most of the senior high school German readers and some of the junior high school German readers the were hosts. We senior high school German readers had a similar trip to Germany last spring and we also stayed there in host families. Now it was the Germans' turn to travel and speak a new language and our time to be the hosts. It was also our time to use our language skills in both German and English and maybe learn some more and also teach some Finnish for the Germans.

               On Monday we left for Helsinki to fetch the Germans from the airport. After that we made a little sightseeing tour in Helsinki. We visited for example the Sibelius monument, Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki´s market hall, the port and the Temppeliaukio church. After sightseeing we headed back to Hämeenkyrö and the Germans were divided in their own host families.

On Tuesday morning our school's headmaster gave a little welcoming speech and showed our school to the Germans. After that we had a little coffee moment in our school canteen. The Germans weren´t so excited about salty liquorice but Finnish chocolate they liked. Then we Finns had a normal school day, but the Germans made a little sightseeing tour in Hämeenkyrö. They visited inter alia Maisemakahvila, Timi´s pine and Mannanmäki.   

On Wednesday we were in the school for just a couple of lessons and then we left for Tampere. It was a bit rainy weather, but that didn´t disturb us much. We went to Tampere´s art museum to watch the Moominvalley. There we saw some Tove Jansson´s drawings and Moomin books and the miniature of the Moominhouse. After the museum we visited Tampere´s library Metso quickly and then we headed to the center. Then we visited the factory Finlayson area and we went there in the museum too. The rest of the day we had some free time in Tampere and the Germans could for example do some shopping there.

On Thursday the Germans were just in our school and visited different lessons. Thursday was their last day in Finland, so we had a little social evening in Särkijärvi. We ate there and the Germans had an opportunity to try the sauna and swimming. Those who didn´t come to the sauna, played some ball games outside. We had a very nice evening there. The Germans were excited to try the sauna and thought it was nice. The swimming they liked too, even though they thought that the water was very cold.

On Friday morning we needed to say goodbye to our German guests.  But before our guests left for the airport we took a group picture in front of the F.E Sillanpää statue. Then there was some hugging and thanking and then they had to leave back for Germany. I hope our guests had a nice week here and that they could someday travel back to Finland to see even more.

written by Miranda 2B

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