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Monday, 14 September 2015

The welcoming party

On 28th of August we had the welcoming party called nahkiaiset for the first graders. In order to get the status of a real F. E. Sillanpää high school student, they had to do a bunch of very important tasks such as adore the mighty second-year students, dance and taste some very suspicious drink. No backpacks were allowed: all their stuff had to be carried in a cardboard box. Also they had to bring a rope, a rock, a vegetable and some other things that we second graders had decided that they would need on that day. As a bribe to us they had to bring chocolate. Of course there had to be some kind of “barriers” to them too: most of the doors were not allowed to them, there were only two toilets they could use, their lockers were banned and they had to crawl on the staircase.
Traditionally boys are dressed as girls and vice versa and that was the case this year too. The girls were badass rappers with tattoos, caps and too big jeans. The boys had a much nicer look: high heels, makeup, long blond hair and pink, pink, pink. Overall they looked quite beautiful with their appearance which was inspired by Nicki Minaj and Paris Hilton.

When the school day started the first-year students were commanded to the gym hall. There the dance were taught to them and they had to hand off the chocolate and the vegetables. The vegetables were later used to make the drink. 

After the dance lesson we guided the first graders in to a small “stall”. There were a few stalls, and those were the only places where they could spend their breaks and free periods. Of course next to the stalls there was a poem attached to the wall. The poem was a praise about the second-year students: how great, smart and supreme they are. And of course every time they wanted to hear the beautiful poem, a first-year student had to worship them and read the poem.

On the last period it was their time to shine: first they got to perform the great dance they had learned in the morning. After that it was time to taste the poison, as I would call it. There were many yucks and ews but luckily no one threw up. Then came the part where they needed the rope: an “agility track” whilst their legs where tied together with their pair. At the end of the track they had to dance again but this time there was a tough jury. When the jury decided that they had danced enough (and well enough), they had the chance to watch the rest of the first graders overcame the track.

After all that, there was only one thing that needed to be done. We needed to choose the Rumin Nahka 2015 (ugliest first grader). We had a dancing competition (I hope that they didn’t start to hate dancing even though we made them dance so much) from where we choose the winners. It was a though competition but after semi-finals and final we had our “royal couple”.

All things considered I would say that our first graders survived the day very well. It was a lot of fun, at least for us second graders, but I hope that our newbies enjoyed it as well. Welcome to FES first graders! 

Written by Sara 2B

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