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Friday, 13 November 2015

Sport tournaments


The football team of our girls took part in a football tournament in Nokia on 5th October.  The girls played 3 games and before the first game, the football field was icy and slippery. The weather was like in the winter! 

Some game situations. The only game which we won was against  Rauma. We won 7-1. Heljä scored one goal, Elina scored one goal and Lotta scored five goals. 

We did not win the tournament, but we had fun! Maybe we can go next year again, and then we will win! Everybody played very well, even though we had only 7 players.

Players: Aliisa, Elina, Heljä, Indra, Krista, Riikka and Lotta.
Coach: Tanja


On 23rd October our floorball team played some games in Ikaalinen.  We played three games and we won two of them, but the two other teams won two games, too. The other two teams scored more goals than our team so our ranking was third in the tournament. But we weren`t the last, because Ikata didn´t win any games. And Kristian brought our mascot, it was the FES-caterpillar. Everybody played very well! 

Written by Lotta 1B
Pictures by Tanja

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