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Monday, 5 December 2011


This blog is starting on a very special day.  First of all, we celebrated the graduation of three students.  Congratulations Kaisa, Juho and Tero! 

Secondly, it was time for the annual sports day.  This time the students fought about the school championships in floorball and elephant ball.  The 3rd year students won the floorball championship, whereas the 2nd year students were the best in elephant ball.  They had then the honour to play against the teachers.  The referee finally decided that the teachers beat the 2nd year students 9-7.  Not everybody agreed, though ...

Each team had a special costume:  the first year students were dressed like beach adonises, the second year students represented the Swedish national team, the third year students were pirates, and the teachers were naughty elves led by the Santa himself (or, in this case, herself).

                                                      Some of the pirates.

                                           The beach adonises.

                                                    Part of the Swedish team.

                                          The pirates versus the Swedes.

                                          The Swedes versus Santa and the naughty elves.

The sports tournament was so successful that it will most likely become a yearly tradition at our school!

Tomorrow will be the Independence Day, so happy holidays to everyone!

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