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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Old dances in FES

What is the time when girls in the second grade of high school start to think about getting a beautiful dress and perhaps a new colour in their hair and when we usually notice how small number of boys we actually have in our school? – It’s time for getting ready for the old dances, of course!
In most of Finland’s high schools we’ve the tradition of old dances. That tradition is for the second year students and the actual event lasts one day (or for example in Helsinki two days) and then we perform at schools and usually in some kindergardens and/or in retirement homes etc. And at least in Fes we’ve a special evening ceremony at school  where relatives and friends can come to watch. After that we usually go to a restaurant and after that have some kind of ”after parties” somewhere.  In FES we start practising in period 3, about a month before Christmas, and have practices three times a week and some extra lessons before the actual dances. And usually we learn about 8 to 10 dances all in all.

So, now we are already almost in the half way of practising for the old dances (soon we’re having a Christmas break) And, I've gotta to say, it’s much easier than I had thought! Though some dances are quite fast… But, no one minds if it’s just funny! (at least I don’t). I’m sure  it’ll look spectacular when ”the day” comes! And luckily we’ve time until February… (In FES the old dances are on 17th of February 2012)

Our lessons have included a lot of laugh, some tough moments and even more moving! Turnings, guick steps, much to remember without forgetting to enjoy dancing and those silly mistakes! 

Written by Janette Välimäki 2B

This is what it looks like now.  Quite good actually!

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