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Thursday, 15 December 2011

International school

FES is quite famous for its wide selection of languages the students can choose to study.  This year we have had an even more unique opportunity for language learning as we have had the chance to learn Japanese, too.  Not only has Mr Koichi M. taught our students the basics of the Japanese language but he has also brought many other international visitors with him to the lessons.  Last week, for example, the students had a visitor from Korea who taught them also something about her own language.  Quite amazing in Finland, I'd say!

I visited Mr Koichi and his class today as it was the last Japanese lesson this year. Hopefully we'll meet next year again! 

This year has been quite unusual in that respect that we haven't had any exchange students at our school.  We have usually had at least one foreign student a year.  So, it has been even more important to have these international visitors Mr Koichi has brought with him.  During the past few years we have had exchange students from Brazil, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and the USA at our school.  It would be very interesting to know how they are doing nowadays, so dear ex-exchange students, if you ever happen to read this blog, please comment and tell what you are doing these days.

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