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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Busy December in FES

December was full of happenings in our high school. We had a sports day, a dressing up- competition, bingo and of course Christmas celebration during three weeks. Thanks for this go to our school´s student government who arranged many of these events and of course to all the teachers who made them possible.

On the 16th of December we had really warm Christmas feeling in our school. We had Santa Clauses, Mrs Santa Clauses, elves and a few reindeer, too. We shouldn’t forget Josef and Maria who had baby Jesus and a donkey with them. A couple of presents were also spotted. Why were all of them there? It was the Christmas-themed dressing up-competition, of course! Luckily very many of the students had dressed up, and the jury had a hard decision to make. Who would be the winner? The student government worked as the jury and they loved both of the Mrs Santa Clauses, Josef and Maria, the snowball and Santa Claus. They got the best prize you can get at Christmas time, chocolate.

On the last day of studying we had a legendary bingo, where the first prize was a ham with the weight of 5 kilos. The first winner was found quite easily, and so there was the second prize, chocolate. Students liked playing, and we hope we can also play it next Christmas. After the bingo, the whole school attended Christmas carol service in Hämeenkyrö church.

In our high school it is also possible to study Russian. On 13th of December Russian students from the first class went to restaurant Natalie in Tampere to have a dinner. Natalie is a Russian styled restaurant, and the whole group of the students, and the teacher of course, had a nice and tasty dinner.

Finally came the day all of the students had been waiting for. It was time for the Christmas celebration and the end of the autumn term. Junior and senior high school worked very well together and we had a really beautiful and warm school ending.

Now it’s time to focus on the next year and keep all the new-year’s promises! And of course, study hard.

Written by Eeva Linnainmaa 1B

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