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Monday, 30 January 2012

The last school day for the third year students!!!

Friday 27th of January was a very special day for the third year students: it was the last actual school day for them! Now they have preliminary exams, meetings and of course the coming matriculation examinations ahead. But, about the last day: students has this “Business- look” and I’m sure they were quite excited. So I went to their lessons to ask how they were feeling! And here are the results of five people:

Here are the questions I asked them
1.    How are you feeling now? What are the main feelings?
2.    Are you already nervous about the coming matriculation examinations or can you still just take it easy?
3.    What are you waiting for the most right now?
4.    Have you enjoyed the three years here, does it feel good to finish now? Or would you have wanted to do something differently?

I started my interview with…
Jerina Kivistö:
1.    – It’s lovely I will not have to wake up so early to school!!
2.    – I’m more nervous about the subjects I want to do well in the final exams… And of course you feel
          nervous on the spot.
3.    – I’m waiting for the school leaving party to succeed well, I really hope it will!
4.    – I’m feeling great, I’m already quite bored with this studying…  And it’s great to have variation in your
After this young lady I took my place next to…
Kari Kuukka:
1.    – On the other hand I’m feeling quite happy, but then again it’s a little sad to leave because FES is so 
          And in between this Kari (and the boys next to him) said something quite funny and striking: “Boys are
          leaving the FES but FES isn’t leaving the boys” . Yes, that was quite a nice thing to say, I think.
2.    – I don’t  necessarily feel stress about them, they are just exams among the others! Just take it easy!
           And, even though this interview was quite girl- oriented, I do think almost all the boys had the same
           feelings as Kari had.  And let’s move on to the feelings again…
3.    – It’s been happy three years; very enjoyable time.
4.    – I’m waiting for the school leaving party; it’s the last funny moment together.

So, I think it’s going to be quite wistful for Kari to leave FES.  But now it’s time to move on to…

Elina Stenroth

1.    – I’m not feeling anything special actually…
2.    – Well, the final exams aren’t making me nervous yet; it feels you have just started to have time to
3.    – I’m waiting for the final exams to be over, or for the graduation ceremony!
4.    – I’m quite happy about the three years here, nothing special I could say.

Well, let’s find out if this next person feels something more special…

Henriikka Koski
1.    – It’s quite awesome, we don’t have actual school anymore!  Now you can just focus on the final exams.
2.    – I’m not exactly feeling nervous but I’m quite terrified if I can make myself to read enough!
3.    – I’m just waiting for the final exams to be over successfully and have the graduation hat in my head.
4.    -  I’m glad about high school being almost over. Now you can go on in your life.

So good luck for Henriikka, I’m sure she and the others will do fine anyway! And now it’s time to interview the last person! And she is….

Emma Vuorenmaa

1.    – Oh, alas! I mean, on the other hand it’s nice not having all those writings and others to be done, but
          then there are those final exams ahead and you won’t see your friends so much.
2.    – Well, I’m a “little” nervous….     Says Emma with that lovely laughter and the twinkle in her eye;)
3.    – I’m very eagerly waiting for the school leaving party! And also the final exams to be over…
4.    – Studies have gone very well and I’m quite happy. It’s quite sad to leave because of the people, but on
          the other hand I also want to be qualified for some profession some day.

So, generally you could say quite many of the third year students just want the matriculation examinations to be over and are waiting for the coming school leaving party. And about the feelings, it may not feel so special yet but I’m sure that will change when the matriculation examinations and others come! But now I had to let them go and enjoy the day with their marvelous outfits on! And for all the third year students: good luck and remember to study hard!

Written by Janette Välimäki 2b

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