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Friday, 20 January 2012

Artists from all over the Earth

On January 16th and 17th we had visitors in our English lessons. Four different kinds of artists around the world came to tell us about their works in arts and their January in Finland.

The artists live as guests at the Arteles Creative Center in Haukijärvi during their stay in Finland. The hostess and owner of Arteles is Inga Mustakallio. Arteles was founded in 2009 and there visitors can enjoy Finnish nature. You can find more information about Arteles in its website www.arteles.org

Tom Hogan, from Australia, is a guitarist and sound artist. He composes and performs, designing for theatre and film, and produces music and radio plays. His compositions concentrate on finding unique sounds and using them in conventional harmonies.  Tom gave us two pieces of improvisation and he tried to talk as fast as he could and that turned into a very fast speaking!  He was really fun! Tom’s website address is www.tomhogan.com.au

Laura Batch, who is from Australia too, is a versatile artist. She makes sculptures, photographs, draws, paints and makes videos. She also paints with a live model, makes still lifes of various materials and explores voices. Laura is studying art at Victorian College of the Arts. Laura's artistic process consists of site searching and studies, by placing herself in an unfamiliar landscape and culture and how she learns and navigates her body and mind around this new context via the use of art. Laura’s website address is www.laurabatch.com

Laura Wright, from Portugal, is a photo artist. She showed us a lot of pictures she had taken. She had also taken many pictures here in Finland. Laura has had many exhibitions in 2009-2011. Laura’s website address is www.lauracarlotta.com

Christopher “Chris” Wille, from America, is an artist who has been inspired by technology, science fiction, warfare and dystopian themes. He showed us some of his work. Christopher’s website address is www.chriswille.com

The artists encouraged us to follow our dreams and not to give up. It was a great visit, and they praised that they had a nice time, too. So, take a brush or a pen or a computer in your hand and start to create something new and exciting! 

              Tom, Inga, Chris, Laura W. and Laura B. at F.E.Sillanpää Upper Secondary School

Written by Maiju Aalto, 2A

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